These pages contain the User Help for applications which can connect to an OMERO server or use OMERO plugins.

The User Guides for the current versions are listed in the main menu, for all OMERO applications, including OMERO.insight, OMERO.web, OMERO.figure and OMERO in ImageJ and Fiji.

The Guides for Previous Versions page has links to archives of older versions.

The Training Course Material page contains links to material for printing out and using in training sessions, ZIP archives of the PDFs for all the current versions, customised versions of some of the Guides and other resources such as Omnigraffle® and Word® files.

The current release version of OMERO.insight is 5.2.7. You can tell what version of OMERO you are using by looking at the login screen, or selecting About OMERO.insight from the Help menu in OMERO.insight.

OMERO.insight Version

All the Version 5 material on the User Help website applies to both version 5.1.4 and version 5.2, with the exception of the new features mentioned below, but note that version 5.1 is now unsupported and will not be updated.

All material is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License - you are free to share or adapt content as long as you credit the Open Microscopy Environment. The exception to this is the screenshots and videos which can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

New flag image The Populate Metadata script has been added to the scripts shipped with OMERO. This allows correctly formatted metadata to be attached to High Content Screening (HCS) data after import. For further details see the Using Scripts page.

New flag image The OMERO for Facility Managers section brings together descriptions of common workflows for Facility Managers and links to useful sections of User Help and technical documentation.

Java Web Start has been removed from 5.2

Due to Java no longer supporting Web Start and increasing compatibility issues, Java Web Start for OMERO.insight has been removed from version 5.2. It remains in version 5.1.4, but has been deprecated, so no further work, including security patching will be done on it.